Travel - Camping in Bukit Surga

In August 2018, me and my friends went to the East of Bali, Karangasem for camping. In this corner of Bali, we can find many camp spots. Bukit Surga (English: Hill of Heaven), is one of the best camping spots that is located in Karangasem, Bali.

Camping on Bukit Asah Bali | 

By the way, me and my friends are lost while trying to find where the Bukit Surga actually is. But then we met somebody that was really kind and show us the right way to go there. After 10 minutes, we finally found it.

A bit surprised, not because we were charged approximately between 75.000-120.000 per person. But.... It was because there was wifi in there. Wifi from nature.. hahaahaha🤣

We were thinking if we brought our laptop, we can actually work there, as my friends and I are digital marketers and developers. Could be called a workaholic? But suddenly just realize and don't wanna think about our job. Because we want a holiday! 😂😂

I have had a good time with my friend by camping in Bukit Asah. We have had a barbecue, told stories, sung a song before sleeping, and saw the beautiful sunrise there.

I really recommend this place to enjoy your weekend with your partner, friends, or family in Bali. It's important to get relax and refresh our mind after a busy week-days. Happy weekend everybody!

- iola karisma -